Comprehensive Quality Assurance in DIROCK Door Hardware Production
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Comprehensive Quality Assurance in DIROCK Door Hardware Production

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At DIROCK, quality is the cornerstone of our production philosophy.   Adhering to the ISO 9001 quality management system, we have established a series of rigorous quality control measures.  At present, the proportion of quality inspection staff in our factory has reached 30%,which reflects our emphasis on product quality. Ensure every product meets the highest standards before it reaches our customers.

1. Self-Inspection by Operators:

Our operators are encouraged to perform self-inspections during production, using tools like calipers to measure and verify the dimensions of the components they produce. This proactive approach ensures that any deviations from our standards are caught early in the process.

Each product is labeled with identification that allows us to trace responsibility back to the individual assembler. This system ensures that every team member is fully responsible for their work, and any issues can be swiftly identified and addressed.

Self-Inspection by Operators

2. Routine Inspection

In our factory, we have established a routine inspection system, the first and last piece inspection inspection system. Following the relevant inspection guidelines, dedicated inspectors are responsible for meticulously examining the products manufactured by workers at every stage of the production line, with special attention given to the first and last items produced each day. The inspection methods encompass both visual and dimensional checks. These routine inspections are conducted four times a day, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon, ensuring compliance with our production standards.

During the inspection process, any non-conforming products that can be reworked or repaired are promptly addressed by the responsible personnel. For significant quality issues, a 'Non-Conformity Review Record' is filled out and reviewed by the technical and production department heads. Additionally, a 'Quality Inspection Record Form' is maintained to clearly label and track all products, including those that are conforming, pending, in need of rework/repair, and those deemed scrap.

After production, each component undergoes a comprehensive inspection before being approved for storage.

Routine Inspection-1Routine Inspection-2

3. Automated Assembly Inspection:

Even on our fully automated assembly lines, the vigilance does not wane.  Products that meet the requirements are sorted into the 'Qualified' output,This automated process ensures that only complete and compliant products proceed to the next stage.

Automated Assembly Inspections

4. Finished Product Inspection:

We have set up an inspection area for finished products, where all the assembled mortise locks and door handles will be put into this area. Inspectors will inspect each product, and after passing the inspection, they will attach a qualification label, which can trace the corresponding inspectors. Only qualified products can flow into the next process for cleaning and packaging, otherwise they will be returned to the corresponding workers according to the process flow card. Rework until qualified.

Finished product Inspection-1Finished product Inspection-2

5. Inspection before Delivery:

After the products are stored, random inspection will be carried out on each order, randomly selected from the packaged products, and the outer box will be opened for inspection, which is also to ensure that the products issued to customers will not have quality problems.

Inspection before delivery -1Inspection before delivery -2

6. Conclusion:

Our adherence to the ISO 9001 quality management system is evident in the meticulous quality control measures we employ. DIROCK is dedicated to delivering CE door hardware that meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Our commitment to quality is not just a policy—it's the foundation of our production excellence.




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