CE fire rated mortise lock
Hebei Jianhua produces stainless steel mortise lock ,lever handle , profile brass cylinder and door hinge.
We are professional fire resistance door hardware manufacturer.


Show you what we mainly produce.



Our products are certified according to European standards.

CE - Conventional Mortise Lock
UKCA - Conventional Mortise Lock
CE - Escape Mortise Lock
UKCA - Escape Mortise Lock
CE - Hinge
Lever Handle - Grade 3
Lever Handle - Grade 4
Profile Cylinder


Concentration / Innovation / Passion / Perfection

ISO9001-Have factory production control (FPC) system,in compliance with ISO9001:2015.

Healthy Factory
We have our own factory,covering an area of 133,000m² & own fund & stable staff.
ISO14001-Environmental management system certification will be implemented soon.
We have modern production workshops and advanced automatic production lines to meet the needs of innovation.


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How to Produce a Mortise Lock
10 January 2023

Our mortice lock complies with European standard, got CE and UKCA certification. And passed the performance test according to EN12209. As a professional door mortice lock manufacturer, we are committed to providing our customers with the best mortise lock. In order to achieve this aim, we have set

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We Can Provide Complete Fireproof Door Hardware Solutions
29 November 2022

Jianhua Lock Industry focuses on the production of fire resistance door hardware. We can provide complete fireproof door hardware solutions for customers ,also support for customization. Our main products include stainless steel mortise lock, stainless steel lever handle, profile brass cylinder, stainless steel door hinge, which can meet the requirements of different applications and designs of fire door hardware in modern architecture building projects. Our products conform to European standards.

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We are Qualified Supplier
24 October 2022

Hebei Jianhua Lock Industry is a professional manufacturer of fire proof architectural hardware. Our factory is located in Hebei Province, China.We produce European standard fire rated door hardware,mainly include stainless steel mortise lock, stainless steel lever handle, profile brass cylinder, stainless steel door hinge, which can meet the requirements of different applications and designs of fire resistance door hardware in modern architecture building projects. Our production is compliant, the products is compliant, and we are also a healthy factory.

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Previous Exhibitions
11 April 2022

We actively participated in various offline and online exhibitions.And we had Positive interactions with customers.We also got many good feed back from customers around the world.

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Exhibition Notice
08 April 2022

We have been on the way to many exhibitions, looking forward to your visiting.1. China Import and Export Commodities Fair Address:Guangzhou,China Date:2022.4 (Online)(Links:https://www.cantonfair.org.cn/)2. Fenestration Bau China Address:China Date:2023 (Plan to attend)3. Fensterbau Fron

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Global partner of IFT College
06 April 2022

IFT college, affiliated to IFT Rosenheim, which is a major professional training and refresher institution in the field of doors, windows, curtain and building materials in Germany.IFT Rosenheim is an internationally accredited and notified testing laboratory. Which calibrate, test, certify and prov

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Recommended Combination of Lock Set
04 April 2022

This is Hebei Jianhua Lock Industry specialize in providing architectural hardware solutions for different customer with different requirments. And today I would like to recommend some commonly collocations of mortise lock set.1. SS4003 door lever handle + 72Z mortise lock + knob profile cylinderThi

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Classification Number of Mortise Lock
02 April 2022

1. Category of useThe first digit is 3. That means our lock of category is grade 3. The grade 3 means it use by the public where there is little incentive to exercise care and where there is a high chance of misuse. That means in the place that there will don’t have many chance to be carefully use i

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