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CE Mortise Door Lock

CE mortise door lock is a type of door lock that has been certified to meet European standards. This indicates that the lock has been tested and certified to meet certain safety and performance requirements, such as strength, durability and fire resistance. CE mortise locks are commonly used in commercial and public buildings, providing a reliable and durable solution for securing doors.

Dirock door hardware offers CE marking mortise door locks with a wide range of function suitable for fire doors, catering to various needs in both project and public buildings. Our CE mortise locks are in compliance with EN12209 / DIN18251 standard. Tested for 200,000 test cycles. And passed the fire resistance tests 240mins on steel door & 90mins on timber door. Latch bolt, deadbolt, faceplate, strike plate and follower are manufactured in high quality stainless steel 304. Passed 240h corrosion resistance test.




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