Technical Requirements for Fire Rated Mortise Lock
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Technical Requirements for Fire Rated Mortise Lock

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Fire rated mortise lock can provide protection for people in the event of a fire, mainly used in emergency access doors, safety exit doors, fire doors, escape doors, etc. Fire door locks are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, airports, apartments, hospitals, buildings and other places with high personnel density.

Technical Requirements

Due to the special use environment of the fire rated door lock, the technical requirements for it are also very high. We take the European standard fire rated mortise lock as an example to illustrate. These requirements can be summarized as follows:

 1.The durability, strength, flexibility, functionality and appearance quality of fire mortise lock should comply with the EN12209 standard.

 2.The fire resistance time of the mortise lock should be equal to or longer than the fire resistance time of the fire door it is installed on. For instance, if a 60-minute fire door is used, the fire  mortise lock must have a fire resistance time of 60 minutes or more.

 3.Fire door lock should have no obvious deformation and melting phenomenon during the fire resistance test.

 4.No flaming should be observed in the mortise lock during fire resistance tests.

 5.The door latch should always remain engaged to the strike during fire resistance tests to ensure the fire door remains closed.

In conclusion

In many years of production, DIROCK Door Hardware has always implemented the ISO9001 quality control management system and strictly implemented the product technical standards. Our company keeps tracking, recording, improving and dealing with product quality problems and implements non-grade comprehensive quality inspection for procurement, processing, assembly, packaging, and products.

Our stainless steel mortise lock has passed CE certification complying with EN12209.; The size of mortise lock conforms to DIN18251; Fire test according to EN1634-1, pass 240 minute fire test for steel doors and 90 minute fire test for timber doors.

As a compliant mortise lock manufacturer & supplier, standardized production and quality management have contributed to the development of Jianhua Lock Industry as a modern enterprise with strong strength and a good reputation in the lock industry. The improvement of product performance and quality is also our basic commitment to users. In the future, we will work harder to provide you with high quality fire mortise lock.

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