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Master Key Systems

  • EN1303 (1 6 0 B 0 C 4 0)


Master Key Systems

Master key systems are an efficient and secure solution for managing access control in various applications, such as commercial buildings, educational institutions, and hospitals. It specifically refers to a method of access control in which a single key, called the master key, can open all the locks within a designated system. This system consists of hierarchical levels of access, ensuring that authorized people can enter specific areas while restricting access to others. By using master key systems, enterprises can simplify security procedures, eliminate the need to carry multiple keys, save costs, and maintain access control over the buildings.

The following chart shows an example of 4-level master key systems. The “great grand master key” is at the top of the hierarchy, which can open all the locks below it. The sub-master key “grand master key” can open all the locks below it in its own group. In the same way, the next level “master key” can open all the locks below it in its own group. As you go down the bottom lever, access is very limited, each lock has its own different key. It means each lock can only be opened by its own key rather than other keys.

We have many years of experience with master key systems. 2-level, 3-level, 4-level even 5-level master key systems are available. You only need to provide your master key systems chart, we can provide personalized design based on this.

4- lever master key systems





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