How to Produce a Mortise Lock
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How to Produce a Mortise Lock

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    Our mortice lock complies with European standard, got CE and UKCA certification. And passed the performance test according to EN12209.


    As a professional door mortice lock manufacturer, we are committed to providing our customers with the best mortise lock. In order to achieve this aim,

 we have set up one modern production workshop after another to improve the level of equipment automation in recent years, the most important thing is 

that we passed and implemented ISO9001 Quality Control Management System. So We have the ability and confidence to produce compliant door 

mortise lock for our customers.


    Today, let's have a look at how a qualified lock is produced. The production of a mortise lock will go through a whole process of parts processing, components 

processing, finished product assembly and packaging. We will talk about some of the key processes.

1.Forend machining process


Laser cutting → Welding → Surface finish

Forend is one of the mortise lock parts. We made it by laser cutting machine. We can provide 

20/22/24mm width forend, also round corner and square corner for your choice. And the 

machining process also includes welding and surface finish.

laser cutting      welding      surface finishing

2. Lock case machining process

lock case

Stamping → Automatic riveting

Our mortise lock case is 1.5mm thickness. The material is Galvanize stainless steel SECC.

stamping of lock case      riveting of lock case

3. Latch bolt machining process


Drilling holes → Automatic assembly

We have the fully automatic assembly machine for our latch bolt. Our mortise lock latch passed 

200,000 test cycles according to EN12209 standard.

  drilling holes of latch      assembly of latchbolt

4. Deadbolt machining process


Riveting → Surface finish

The deadbolt of our mortise lock passed 50000 test cycles according to EN12209 standard.

riveting of deadbolt      surface finish of deadbolt

5. Automatic Assembly and packaging

After all the parts and components are finished, we can enter the assembly process. We used to do 

the full mortise lock assembling job by workers. With the introduction of automatic assembly machines 

last year, the production efficiency and quality have been greatly improved. Finally, the finished mortise 

lock will be put into plastic bag for packaging.

automatic assembly of mortise lock      automatic packaging of mortise lock

6. Inspection

We do the first & last and patrol inspection in parts’ process. And do the full inspection when the 

product is produced. We also do the randomly inspection after packaging. These inspections make 

sure the stablity of our products quality.

patrol inspection      full inspection      inspection equipment

In a word, Jianhua is in dedicate to produce qualified mortise locks. Our locks comply with European Standard EN12209, and got CE and UKCA certification. 

And the fire resistance test can match 90mins on timber door, 240mins on steel door. We also do annual audit according to CE requirements. If you need the 

best qualified mortise lock, please contact us.




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