Classification Number of Mortise Lock
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Classification Number of Mortise Lock

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1. Category of use

The first digit is 3. That means our lock of category is grade 3. The grade 3 means it use by the public where there is little incentive to exercise care and where there is a high chance of misuse. That means in the place that there will don’t have many chance to be carefully use it, such as the place where have many people to come and go, where is crowed, as the hospital, shoppingmall, airports and some other public occasions.

2. Durability

The second digit X means the durability requirement for the latch. It requires 200,000 test cycles, 120 N force on the latch bolt. And our latch has pass the test 200,000 cycles and the durability requirement for the deadbolt is 50,000 cycles. And for the latch, we have passed 1,000,000 cycles in our own lab.

3. Door mass and closing force

The third digit 9 means above 200 kg door mass with 15N maximum closing force. There is totally 10 grade here. And we pass the highest test.

4. Suitability for use on fire resisting and/or smoke control doorset

The fourth digit is B. This digit means our lock can be used on smoke control and fire resisting doorset assemblies based on a test in accordance with EN1634-1 or EN1634-2. And we are according to the EN1634-1. 

5. Safety

The fifth digit 0 means there is no safety requirement for our lock, because our lock is inside the door which will not hurt peoples.

6. Corrosion resistance and temperature

The sixth digit is G. It means very high corrosion resistance about 240 hours,and temperature requirement is from -10 degree centigrade to +60 degree centigrade. 

7. Security and drill resistance

The seventh digit 3 means medium security and no drill resistance.  

8. Key identification of lever locks

The eighth digit 0 means there is no requirements for key identification of lever locks.

Classification Number of Mortise Lock




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