CE Marked EN12209 Stainless Steel Fire Euro Mortice Door Lock
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Mortise Lock

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CE Marked EN12209 Stainless Steel Fire Euro Mortice Door Lock

  • 72mm
  • 55mm
  • CE / UKCA (3 X 9 1 0 G 3 B C 2 0)
  • 240mins(Steel door) ; 90mins(Timber door)






SS304, 2 throws, Projection:20mm


SS304; size: 8*8mm


SS304; Thickness: 3mm

Compliance with

CE UKCA EN12209/DIN18251/EN1634-1

Fire resistance

240mins (Steel door); 90mins (Timber door)

Mortise door lock 5572Z(round end details

CE Marked Stainless Steel Fire Mortice Door Lock

CE marked stainless steel mortice lock is one kind of euro type mortice lock. Mortice lock is a lock that is fitted into the recess of the door rather than being surface, the visible part of mortice lock is forend , latch ,deadbolt once fitted. The function of this mortice door lock is entrance. Latch is operated by both lever handle and euro cylinder, deadbolt is operated by external keys and internal knob of lock cylinder. As a professional euro mortice lock manufacturer, we can offer fire rated mortice locks with various functions, which are suitable for fire resistant and smoke control doors. Satin stainless steel 304 material is durable and anti-rust. Customized mortice lock is avaiable, that means you can put your brand on the product or packaging.  If you are looking for fire rated mortice lock on doors for projects , just contact us for more details, we are a healthy and compliant door hardware factory.


  • Grade 3, according to European standard EN12209/DIN18251

  • Reversible latch suitable for DIN left and DIN right doors

  • 5572Z-72mm center distance ,55mm backset

  • Fire rated 240mins on steel door ; 90mins on timber door

  • Passed 200,000 test cycles (Latch) ; 50000 test cycles (Deadbolt)

  • Corrosion resistance 240 hours

  • Double Throw (2 Turns) deadbolt

  • Stainless steel 304 material


EN12209 Classification


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Entrance mortice lock is usually prepared to be used with U shape lever handle and thumbturn profile cylinder. 


We also have a lot of different functions of fire rated stainless steel mortice lock, including Entrance Mortice Lock, Passage Mortice Lock, Deadbolt Mortice Lock, Night Latch Mortice Lock, Escape Mortice Lock, Classroom Mortice lock, Bathroom Mortice Lock, Roller Mortice Lock and etc. In order to meet the requirements of different applications.

Different fuctions of mortise lock





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